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University Hospitals Quality Care Network Joins the Population Health Alliance
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 14, 2020

"Population Health Alliance (PHA), the industry's only multi-stakeholder professional and trade association solely focused on population health, today announced that University Hospitals Quality Care Network ( has joined the organization as a member. UH Quality Care Network was established in 2016 to lead and transform the practice of healthcare through evidence-based medicine. The vision of UH Quality Care Network is to lead a clinically integrated network of providers to improve the quality, experience, and cost of healthcare. The UH Quality Care Network hosts a publicly accessible database of Adult Clinical Practice Guidelines & Toolkits. Developed by a multi-disciplinary team, these toolkits provide easy to use guidelines that aide providers in their pursuit of successful value-based care...." 

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Team Publications

Publications and articles where our team members have been key contributors or authors

Neighborhood Food Environment and Health Outcomes in U.S. Low-Socioeconomic Status, Racial/Ethnic Minority, and Rural Populations: A Systematic Review

Team contributor: Esther J. Thatcher, PhD, RN - UH Population Health Nurse Scientist
Published: August, 2020

"Abstract: Introduction. This review examined associations between the neighborhood food environment and health outcomes in populations with the highest obesity rates in the United States: people of low-socioeconomic status (SES), racial/ethnic minorities, and rural residents. Methods. We searched multiple databases using preselected search terms through June 2017. Forty-three sources met criteria of peer-reviewed U.S. studies that tested food environment-health associations (e.g. obesity, diabetes) in the populations of interest..."

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A Multilevel Approach to Understand the Context and Potential Solutions for Low Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Rates in Rural Appalachia Clinics

Team contributor: Esther J. Thatcher, PhD, RN - UH Population Health Nurse Scientist
Published: October, 2020

"Abstract: Purpose. To explore system/staff‐ and patient‐level opportunities to improve colorectal cancer (CRC) screening within an 11‐clinic Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in rural Appalachia with CRC screening rates around 22%‐30%. Methods. Using a convergent parallel mixed‐methods design, staff (n = 26) and patients (n = 60, age 50‐75, 67% female, 83% <college, 47% Medicare, 23% Medicaid) were interviewed about CRC‐related screening practices. Staff and patient interviews were guided by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research and Health Belief Model, respectively, and analyzed using a hybrid inductive‐deductive approach.... "

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