Goals of Clinical Integration

+  Improve the quality of care through evidence-based medicine

+  Support a model of independent and employed physicians and advanced providers working collaboratively

+  Develop a high-value network that enables value-based contracting and achievement of quality incentives

+  Leadership in population-based and ambulatory-focused care

+  Provide the technological infrastructure for robust analytics and population health management

Value for Physicians

+  Focus on population health: Improve outcomes for patients

+  Close collaboration and care coordination with network physicians, hospitals and other contractual clinical integration networks

+  Inclusion in a high-value network with access to patients through network contracts

+  Opportunity to earn incentive payments through achievement of quality goals

+  Access to UH Innovation Center and institutes

Goals & Values

The mission of UH Quality Care Network is to support innovative collaboration among independent and employed providers in an active and ongoing program to improve quality and efficiency as well as reduce the cost of care.

A physician-led board works closely with the Directors of the Corporation and staff to ensure the goals of clinical integration and the values for physicians are met.

Additional Features & Information

 +  Nonexclusive: participating providers have the ability to join other CINs

 +  A higher level of participation can involve joint contracting if reasonably necessary to achieve enhanced quality outcomes and to reduce overall cost of care